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We just turned ONE!

We have been online for one year! Thank you for all your support, love and all the beautiful cards. Now it’s my turn to answer some questions.

Kamila Dmowska turns one

Kamila is wearing Kamila Dmowska Hamptons Coral Dress. Photographed in San Francisco by Anna-Alexia Basile.

The best day this year…

Seeing women wearing Kamila Dmowska dresses where I didn’t expect it.

And the most challenging one...

When a shipping company lost a package with many dresses.

Most exciting thing about working in Fashion…

Working with lots of incredible and creative people. Everyday is different and some days it doesn’t seem like working in fashion. It involves strategy,  planning, big tasks and small that are equally important and along the way you learn.

Fashion is…

Amazing way to express yourself that impacts your professional and personal life. The way I dress influences the way I carry myself throughout the day.

Favorite dress in the collection…

Starfish! (Hamptons Dress) Black and White Slip Dress for night.

Best business advice received

I love the advice Anna Kostioukova gave in our interview last week:” The harder you work, the luckier you get”

It’s been wonderful year! Looking forward to the next one!

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