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Off Duty with Ola Kowal

What’s better than a warm autumn day in New York City? Sharing it with top model Ola Kowal! This November, we caught up with the busy beauty and munched on apples in The Big Apple. Learn why this jet-setter hearts NY; get a peek at the day-to-day life of a career model, and discover why feeling your best is key to looking great in your ensembles.


Ola Kowal is wearing Kamila Dmowska Black T-Shirt Dress. Photographed by William Ross.

My favorite day off…

When I am eating a late breakfast with my loved ones, laughing and not having to worry about the rest of the day; only taking every minute as it is.

And outfit…

is no outfit. My clothes are always matched to the plan of the day and the occasion– I have to feel comfortable in them. You could say that every day I try to wear the best outfit. For example, for castings I wear: black skinny jeans,  gray T-shirt, LifeStab jacket and Reebok shoes – best combo!

Ola Kowal

My fitness routine…

Exercise is the key to motivation and success in every part of life. It taught me self-discipline and I can’t imagine not starting my day off with at least 15 minutes of yoga. Find a sport that you like and develop your skills in it!

The best part of being a model…

is traveling, meeting people, creating, learning.

And the most challenging...

is also traveling, meeting people, creating, learning. The hardest part is dealing with the expectations of others.


Three things I loved about NYC…

Only three?! I fell in love with the city at first sight, because I saw it through the eyes of the person whom I love, and every place reminds me of him. This incredible amount of energy in people on the streets, in buildings, in small restaurants and boutiques. There is simply no other place on earth quite like it.

My holidays plans are…

Lately, every year I’m starting with a trip to Asia. In January 2015, I visited Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. This year I am planing  something even more insane, but it’s a secret.

Best beauty advised received…

“Love and be loved” And my advice: eat clean, drink a lot of water, stay happy.

Favorite day off finishes with…

A thriller movie, glass of wine, dark chocolate and my life partner.


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