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Happy International Women’s Day!

“To accept yourself, to be true to who you are is the only solution to being fulfilled” – DVF

Photographed by Ashley Batz
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We just turned ONE!

We have been online for one year! Thank you for all your support, love and all the beautiful cards. Now it’s my turn to answer some questions.

Kamila Dmowska turns one

Kamila is wearing Kamila Dmowska Hamptons Coral Dress. Photographed in San Francisco by Anna-Alexia Basile.

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How We Make Everyday Luxury

A behind the scenes look at what goes into creating the gorgeous designs that make a woman’s life easier. How does Kamila Dmowska create the luxurious and affordable items which keep a woman looking effortlessly stylish? Let us walk you though the high level of care and quality that goes into all of our pieces.


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Fashion week can be crazy busy, and changing to another outfit might not be an option.  One of my favorite choices was the cropped top with a trumpet skirt. It was stylish, classy and fun to wear with any shoe -> Limit your essentials to flats, and keep them always in your purse!


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