How We Make Everyday Luxury

A behind the scenes look at what goes into creating the gorgeous designs that make a woman’s life easier. How does Kamila Dmowska create the luxurious and affordable items which keep a woman looking effortlessly stylish? Let us walk you though the high level of care and quality that goes into all of our pieces.


First and foremost, we select fabrics based upon the events and occasions our women would wear their finished dresses to. Without considering this, we can’t begin our process. Our textiles come from Italy, and are chosen from New York’s best showrooms—where clients include Chloé and Alexander Wang.

Our apparel is proudly produced in NYC’s Garment District; we support local manufacturers, and work with the best people in our industry.

Did you know that New York City’s Garment District caters to all aspects of the fashion process—from design and production, to wholesale selling? It has the densest concentration of fashion businesses in a single district of any in the world. (

All of our details are custom made, right down to our buttons, which we wrap in our silks or handmade prints…


Our dresses go through multiple fittings, and are tested for weeks before a final design is introduced to our customers. We bring them to life by accounting for how they’ll behave on a woman’s body when she’s at work, travel or play.


Our pattern makers and manufactures are some of the industries most knowledgable; we work closely with them, and never stop learning from them about the best techniques and products available, which is how we manage to make each design better than the last.


All Photographed by William Ross

Meet Kamila Dmowska, the Founder and Designer behind the brand. Kamila herself designs all of our dresses. As she is a busy career woman who works, travels and explores the world, she understands that women want to look their best without sacrificing comfort, or having to change outfits many times throughout the day. That’s why with every design, she thinks of how she can best offer a woman elegance and a high level of quality, every day of her busy and beautiful life.


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