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Let’s spend a day with Ana Kostioukova

Meet Ana Kostioukova, a polyglot Russian native who grew up in Palo Alto. As Ana continues to build her career in Silicon Valley, she aims to do it sans flip flops and boardshorts. We met Ana at work to find out more about her style, career and what keeps her in San Francisco.

Ana Kostioukova for Kamila Dmowska blog

Ana is wearing Kamila Dmowska Beatrice Dress. Photographed at Sherpa Ventures by Nicolas Gutierrez.

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Back to school “Lessons in Style”

From 1st day of school, to 1st day of work. Learn why our Black T-Shirt Dress is a lesson in Professional Style 101.


Katie is wearing Kamila Dmowska Black T-shirt Dress. Photographed by Nicolas Gutierrez.

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