Designer Diary- New York

We were in NYC working on our new fall pieces. Check out Kamila’s Designer Diary, as she takes a bite out of the Big Apple.


Kamila researches fabrics for the new collection, which will debut within the coming months. Working in the Garment District is always a pleasure. Here is one of the best fabric showrooms in the entire industry. Sometimes seeing a fabric means not falling asleep—that’s what happens with Kamila. (She was so excited by some of the textiles she saw that she hardly slept a wink!)


Visiting one of our favorite fabric showrooms in NY’s Garment District. Kamila was inspired by Parisian women and examined imported French fabrics…


We love our customers; after being in the industry for a while, and often meeting them in person, we recognize their needs and want to do our best to give them what they want. Learning about new techniques and fabrics is an everyday priority. Working with one of the best people in NY who understands us is every designer’s dream.


Looking at fabric is our first step, and is followed by testing how it responds to work, play and coming to life.


Fabrics picked, now we can move to the next step…

Photographed by Kasia Gumpert.


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