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Meet the Fitness Entrepreneur

Diana Navarro is the co-founder of Sweat Republicthe new alternative work out that includes surfboards… With spring just around the corner we asked her a couple of questions.


Photographed by Rob Grillmeyer

 My everyday work out is…

Never the same as the day before! I like to mix it up every day. Not only does this makes it more fun but it also helps insure I am working different muscles and challenging my body.  One day may be Barre and TRX Suspension training and the next day may be a run and a kettle bell session. This helps me stay mentally and physically focused and challenged.

Sweat Republic is…

A creative, inspiring, social, and community space where people of all shapes and sizes came come put their guard down, are genuine, laugh, sweat, have fun, and meet others who share and support each other in their commitment to health and wellness.  It is a place where fitness is raw and real.  Sweat Republic is also about putting a unique spin on everything we do and active involvement in charities and local organizations.  My Friday Night Social series is an initiative aimed at proving that Friday nights can be a combination of physical activity and being social and consist of a unique and fun workout coupled with a social component.  Examples include yoga + astrology followed by an athletic wear trunk show and raw food and juice sampling.

What women should never forget when it comes to working out…

If you want to see change in your body, it takes dedication, focus, and a willingness to go out of your comfort zone. 1. Don’t get stuck in a routine. Periodically mix up your routine by trying new workouts even something you never thought you could do/are too embarrassed/intimidated to try.  I constantly hear women saying they are going on a juice cleanse before their beach vacation.  I’m all about juicing but not about extremes.  I recommend taking on a regimented workout and diet plan instead.  Again, it takes focus and dedication not a one week cleanse. 2.  Find work outs  you enjoy. There are so many to choose from.  Doing so will make working out something you like to do rather than a chore, and in turn improve your results. 3.  Every body is different. Strive to be the best you can be in your own unique way. No look is sexier than confidence and happiness!

You are a co-founder of Sweat Republic, and an entrepreneur. How do you get inspired and motivated to run everyday business…

I love what I do! Every single day I surround myself with people who are genuine, inspire me, make me laugh, keep me grounded, and this makes the chaos of a full-time job and being a co-found/co-owner of a studio so worth it. I maintain sight of the importance of my relationships with family and friends.  I also make it a priority to workout daily. Working out gives me so much energy and keeps me going.  It’s my time to escape, clear my mind, and recharge.

What is your biggest accomplishment since you opened Sweat Republic in 2014?

A few months ago I set out to plan and execute a fitness event combining my passion for fitness and supporting charities.  On January 31, 2015, the Sweat Challenge came to life.  In the one-day fitness event, teams of fitness enthusiasts took back-to-back classes of their choice from 7 of the top studios in San Francisco. The goal of the event was to bring together a community of like-minded fitness passionate individuals to take challenging classes and test their endurance while supporting each other and having fun while getting their sweat on, all for a good cause!  We raised nearly $6,000 for Girls on the Run Bay Area!


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