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Let’s spend a day with Sylwia Gorajek

Meet Polish entrepreneur Sylwia Gorajek the producer and co-founder of Valley Talks, a TV show she hosts featuring candid conversations with founders of Silicon Valley’s most recognized companies about their road to success. Gorajek is an entrepreneur in her own right, having built Valley Talks from a dream idea to a reality in a few short months. Get to know Sylwia Gorajek in our exclusive interview.


Sylwia on set Valley Talks with Russ Heddleston, here wearing Kamila Dmowska Yvette Dress (only available for Kamila’s Ambassadorslearn more

My day starts with…

Waking up and, while still half-asleep, figuring out what to wear today! Then I check my private and business social media pages, but stay away from the email yet. While I am addicted to keeping touch with my community, I try to put off business matters after breakfast. Get dressed, make-up and into the car. Drive south through stunning I-280, arrive at my destination and grab something to eat. Off to my exciting daily challenges!

Some tricks I do that you can’t see on TV…

I spend at least a few nights preparing topics and questions for each interview. Usually I do a 1 hour pre-interview with every guest. I tend to rehearse the introduction at least 15 times before it’s ready to record! During the recording we need to pause several times either because of the noise of the streets outside, or to check if my hair and outfit look right. I’m obsessed with how my unruly hair looks on camera! (laugh).

Best lesson learned working at Netflix…

That while a company has 3,500 employees, it can still keep the spirit of young, energetic startup in which every single employee feels like they can have an impact. I also observed that freedom and responsibility are the two best ever qualities a company could give to its employees to make sure they do their best to contribute to its success.

Where do you see Valley Talks in 5 years…

A globally recognized talk show that inspires people who don’t know where to start or feel too insecure to take action on a start-up idea. To give courage to those who think that they are the only ones making mistakes; everyone makes mistakes and it’s alright. To empower those who are uncertain about the quality of their work, since most of them are likely doing a better job than the biggest corporations in the world, just (yet) on a much smaller scale.

The best thing about interviewing people is…

Having a chance to ask them face-to-face questions that otherwise I would have no chance to ask about.

Never be afraid to…

Follow your dreams. You are the creator of your own dream, so just take it and do with it whatever you wish for. It might be hard, but don’t focus on short-term sacrifices. Think big and look far into the end goal you want to achieve. Appreciate small rewards that are there ready for you along the way.

A person I admire…

Lori Greiner is my role model because she reached out for success. She built a multi-million dollar business just by being persistent, stubborn and knowing what she wants. She didn’t have a single hour of business school. Then, she meets with hundreds of woman including me, and brings them into tears while telling her fascinating story!


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