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Travel Diary “One Dress Endless Possibilities”

At Kamila Dmowska, “Work. Travel. Explore. Love.” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. When we tell you about all the ways you can stretch your wardrobe (and budget) by INVESTING in high quality classic apparel, we’re speaking from experience. Recently Kamila, the founder and designer behind Kamila Dmowska put our Black and White Slip Dress to the test.

Knowing that modern basics don’t have to be boring, she chose this 100% silk dress to accompany her meeting in Warsaw, Poland. How did it hold up?

By putting a classic white shirt over a silk dress, you can achieve a look that is sophisticated, elegant and striking— without requiring you to sacrifice professionalism, when juxtaposed with crisp white cotton or linen.

Black and White Kamila Dmowska slip dress

Photographed by Michal Mralkovsky at Bristol Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

After keeping it professional during business meetings, you can let down your hair and your buttons; tie your shirt at the waist for a fun look during cocktails, or at the end of the evening when the weather has cooled down. Remove the blouse when it’s time for your dinner date, and bare your beautiful shoulders.

Black & White Slip Dress. Kamila Dmowska (1)

Travel with less and do more when you pack classic wardrobe staples. Look polished and save on baggage fees; we suggest using the extra money to treat yourself to a little pleasure—after you’ve tended to business, of course.



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