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Let’s talk Art & Business with Justyna Kisielewicz

Meet Justyna Kisielewicz, an artist who is redefining what it means to be a businesswoman in 2015.

How does it feel to be an artist these days…

It’s pretty much natural and normal, especially if you’ve been doing it all your life. The only moment you come to think about it is when people ask you this question. But I don’t know, I just do it.

You recently relocated to San Francisco, where your paintings had attracted the attention of young and well-funded entrepreneurs even before your move. What have you learned about the city, so far…

San Francisco is multidimensional and compound, but most of all it offers a lot for uber creative individuals. The other thing is that you can rub against the most influential and richest people in the world while still wearing your sweatpants. Nobody cares.

What inspires you…

Pink, money, lobsters, steaks, the subculture, pop, superstars, lights, disney, flamboyance, extravagance, high class, middle class, low class, mass production, baroque, embroidery, haberdashery, patterns, toys, fashion, kitsch, beauty and USA.

Most exciting part about being an artist…

Realizing that “business” is the best art. Business art is the step that comes after Art. I started as an artist, and I want to finish as a business artist, or an entrepreneur if you will. Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Other artists say “Money is bad, you are too commercial,” but making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

Most challenging part of being an artist…

Being an artist is not really challenging, I guess. It’s just another job, but somehow people have deep-rooted long-standing art fantasies. If you say that being an artist is challenging then, what about the men who landed on the moon, stunt men, baby-sitters, coal miners, and hitch-hikers. They are the ones who really know what “challenge” is.

My summer art plans are…

I am painting money-themed paintings all summer. I am finishing the summer with a solo show in Australia. Generally just to paint, paint and paint. I’m totally addicted. Summer is just like any other season for me.

Restaurant of choice for art world insiders…

I love Corso in Berkeley! But even more I’d love to have a bigger stomach to gorge on their  juicy T-bone.

Check out Justyna Kisielewicz work at


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