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Meet Erin Sawyer

Meet Erin Sawyer, an inspiring woman, a former senior executive at Tesla Motors, mechanical engineer, project manager for many Fortune 500 companies, and Spring 2016 Neiman Marcus Face of Beauty

Erin’s is an accomplished mechanical engineer, having designed diesel engine components and developed new turbocharger products.  She has also served in executive leadership roles, including at Tesla Motors, where she developed their global supply chain.  Many women working in male dominated tech industries feel pressure to fit in.  But Erin doesn’t hide her blonde ponytail anymore, and she is not afraid to wear dresses and high heels. We met up with Erin and asked how she found success without compromising her femininity.

Kamila Dmowska_ErinSawyer_by Willam Ross

Erin is wearing Kamila Dmowska Caroline Dress. Photographed by William Ross in New York.

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