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Spotlight on Africa: Christa Preston on life there & her organization that will impact the world

Christa Preston is the Executive Director of embraceKulture, an organization working in developing countries to create a world where children with intellectual disabilities are embraced for what makes them unique.  We spoke with her a few days before she returned to Africa.

“If the goals are famous they won’t be forgotten”
Christa Prestion for Kamila Dmowska Blog

Preston wearing Kamila Dmowska Caroline White Top, African skirt made from “shouting” fabrics, photographed by Nicolas Gutierrez.

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Christa Preston- life in Africa


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Photograph provided by Christa Preston

What brought you to Africa?

One year ago I moved away from my home, my friends, my job and my husband to pursue a dream I’ve had of teaching special education in Uganda. The decision was part desire to dent my bucket list but mostly because I was surrounded by friends and a husband who risked everything to pursue their passions. It was daunting as I’d never lived in another country before and I had never visited Uganda…

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