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Kamila on Holidays

and gifting and what to wear during this season


Kamila is wearing Caroline Black Dress, photographed by Nicolas Gutierrez

On holidays…

“It’s my favorite period of the year, a chance to spend more time with those you love. Also to get cozy while watching holiday movies, drinking wine and sharing the stories of the year”

On gifting…

“Something not to obvious. I always like to give the gift of experinace or things I am currently obsessed with and can’t wait to share. For example: Diptyque body lotion, Jennifer Meyer jewelry or Pilates classes at my favorite studio”

On fashion… 

“I don’t want to worry that I have nothing to wear, especially during the holiday season, so I like to invest throughout the entire year in a wardrobe that can be easily accessorized. It’s super fun and a great experience to buy new shoes or a festive necklace that can completely change your outfit. I get attached to my wardrobe which makes me feel good. I think the holidays should be all about feeling comfortable so you can focus on those you love!”

Favorite Holiday Dress… 
Slip Dress





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