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Meet the photographer: Anna-Alexia Basile

During Fashion Week we talked to Anna-Alexia Basile (Florida native) about her inspirations, work, and how to get the perfect picture! 

Anna- Alexia Basile photographed by Jason Henry.

I became a photographer because...
I love that it allows you to connect and create with people. Everyday is different and it keeps life interesting.

My photography inspirations and influences…
Plants, places, textures, color, HAIR!

The most memorable shoot in my life...
There are so many! Most recently I photographed Hillary Clinton (who was wearing an all orange get-up) and complimented her on her shoes (also orange). She did a victory jump and then we hugged and took a photo together. V fun.

The most flattering trick/pose to always look great in pictures…
Be confident! When you’re happy with yourself you shine the brightest.

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Anna is a photographer specializing in fashion,  lifestyle and travel.

I like San Francisco because...
This city changes your life—you can do whatever and be whomever you want to be, plus SF is chock full of fun and creative people to collaborate and learn with.

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The most stylish people I photographed are… Italians! Wild heels stomping on a historic Roman road towards a mint Vespa just can’t be beat.

The photographs were provided by Anna. Check out more of her work here. For more of Anna’s adventures follow along on her instagram @annaalexia



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