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Travel Diary “Separate & Sophisticated”

Think you can’t afford American Made Luxury? Think again. The secret to doing more with less is as simple as a set.


Kamila is wearing Kamila Dmowska Garden Party Duo set, and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

What’s a jet-setter to do when she strives to perpetually look her best whilst toting nothing more than a carry-on? Check out what Kamila, the Founder and Fashion Designer behind Kamila Dmowska, wore whilst traveling and enjoying her free time in Warsaw. She puts our motto “work, travel, explore and love” to the test.


Who says you can’t separate a set? Make your own fashion rules, and let your apparel do double-duty. Pack wardrobe staples which boast more than one look, such as the Kamila Dmowska Garden Party Flower Duo and Garden Party Black Duo. Pair your Duo’s cropped top and trumpet skirt with other bottoms and tops you already own, and create twice as many looks for a fraction of your bag’s space.




Be pretty and prudent when you pack a Kamila Dmowska Garden Party Black Duo on your next trip; travel is complicated—style shouldn’t be.


Photographed by Michal Mralkovsky a photographer behind Vanitas menswear blog, location: Warsaw, Poland.


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