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Let’s Spend The Day With… Amanda Bradford

Meet Amanda Bradford, a Stanford educated blonde beauty; she’s poised to change the future of dating with her exclusive app “The League.” So, what does an entrepreneur who’s something of a digital cupid do with her days and nights? We met up with Amanda at her office and got a lesson in business and living the glamorous life.

Kamila Dmowska Blog

Amanda is wearing Kamila Dmowska Hamptons Coral Dress & Ivanka Trump shoes | Photographed by Ashley Batz.

My day is…

Packed with calls and meetings! I’m trying to recruit top talent, create strategic partnerships in 3 cities, build out our ambassador program, manage the product and triage the bugs, and oversee our community managers.

How does it feel to be the Founder of  country’s most sought after dating app, with a huge waiting list…

Let’s just say I feel a lot of pressure to prove it works! He’s out there somewhere…

When starting a company you must…

Be action-oriented and decisive. As an old employer says, move fast and break things.

Never be afraid to…

Push the envelope and take risks. You don’t win big by playing it safe!

The most exciting part about being entrepreneur is…

Getting to wear so many hats. You really learn what your strengths and (weaknesses!) are.

My everyday style is…

Comfortable and low-key, but cute enough that I can grab drinks after work without feeling too sloppy.

My day finishes with…

Answering emails until I pass out on my computer…!

To see more pictures and behind the scenes with Amanda Bradford check out our Facebook fan page!


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