It girl, Style

it Girl

Name: Justine J.Li

Dossier: Princeton grad working in tech. Philanthropist, inventor and ball python rights activist. Product and design lead for at HP.


Justine is wearing Kamila Dmowska Classic T-shirt Dress, Chloe purse, Louboutin black suede booties, Hermes bracelet, and her ball python Kitty 3.1415926535.

My go-to item regardless of season or occasion…

A snake, curled around my wrist. Wearing dead animals is so pedestrian. Accessorizing with live animals is whimsical?

My style is...

Reptilian, functional.

What’s in my bag…

Binoculars, a deck of cards, and strictly pepper (for food seasoning and protection).

Dresses v pants…


Favorite Designer…

Pierre Cardin and Irina Dzhus. I like fashion that is futuristic, eccentric but surprisingly functional. Garments that transform into hidden storage or incorporate technology in a new, meaningful way.

My style icons…

Cara Delevingne.

Fashion is…

Instant language, like emojis for your wardrobe.

I am addicted to…

Games (Hearthstone, variations on Texas Hold’em), miniature furniture shopping, and ball pythons. I also consider myself an ardent scholar of reality television.

Best beauty advice I’ve received…

My good friend Lee once told me, “Download Spruce“.


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