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Getaways: Memorial Weekend Edition

Make the most of next Month’s Memorial Day Weekend when you take off for a stylish getaway. Save yourself the headache, and let us do the planning and packing for you; we’ve got three (3) glamorous locations and dresses we highly recommend.


For those who like to party, we recommend heading to Miami in our Maxi Black and White Dress.


Known for sun, sand and sultry nights, Miami is the perfect destination if you’re looking to make the most of your long weekend, and enjoy daytime and nightlife in equal measures. Whether your celebration takes place in a dance club or an art gallery, you’ll be one of the chicest revelers around when you don our 100% silk Maxi Black & White Dress—perfect for the woman who knows how to wear a dress, and not the other way around.

The Hamptons

Fun and sophisticated is the Hamptons, in our namesake Hamptons Dress available in Coral or Green.

When you want to feel posh without being too stuffy, look no further than the Hamptons; the place for New York’s elite movers and shakers to get away from the city (without going too far), is all about the beach and cocktail hour. Celebrate Memorial Day at a bonfire, or a swank barbecue, and look effortlessly flawless in our Hamptons Dress. Whichever color you choose, 100% cotton will keep you cool in every sense of the word.

  KD_Lookbook-42      KD_Lookbook-44

 Wine Country- Napa Valley

Napa Valley is where the grown-ups getaway; pack our 3 Piece Flower Dress, and enjoy easy versatility.

When you want recharge and explore life’s elegance, look no further than Napa Valley. Enjoy fine food, wine and company, then steal a moment to marvel at the beauty and stillness of nature. Anything can happen over a long weekend in wine country, which is why the 100% silk Kamila Dmowska 3 Piece Flower Dress is the perfect way to look flawless at an outdoor gathering or wedding; elegant at brunch, and sophisticated yet sexy at a romantic dinner—all of life’s moments wrapped up in one amazing dress and location.

  KD_Lookbook-48      KD_Lookbook-50


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