It girl, Style

it Girl

Name: Natalie Kleffman

Dossier: Not-your-average financial litigation attorney. Enjoys exploring new spots in SF where she lives, learning new languages, and online shopping. Full-time animal lover and occasional poker hustler.


Natalie is wearing Kamila Dmowska Soho Dress, Big Buddha clutch and Macy’s earrings.

I love this dress because…

It is detailed, classy and goes from day to night perfectly.

My go-to item, regardless of season or occasion…

Black blazer

Fashion is…

An individualized form of expression accessible to anyone. Make it your own.

What’s in my bag…

Mascara, Burberry Brit perfume, portable cell phone charger, turkey jerky, sunscreen.

Three things I love about my city...

1. Culture of motivated young professionals; 2. That you can be in the sand at Ocean Beach one moment and 20 minutes later eating authentic Ethiopian food in the Mission; 3. Proximity to Tahoe, Napa, and Monterey.

Favorite fashion instagrams to follow..

I don’t use Instagram! Blasphemy, I know.

I am addicted to…

Tea and Portuguese music (“fado”.)

San Francisco most-liked coffee shops…

Cafe du Soleil, The Creamery, Dolores Park Cafe

Best style advice I’ve received…

My mom told me when I was in high school to buy base pieces for my wardrobe that would be long-lasting in both quality and style. My professional wardrobe includes some suit dresses and blazers from ten years ago and I still get compliments on them!


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