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90’s Necklines Make A Comeback

Would you believe that in 2015 the most elegant looks for Spring will be courtesy of the 90s? This season, it’s all about square necklines and slip dresses—two looks which have had the Kate Moss seal of approval for over two decades.

Though their heyday was in the 90’s designers are rediscovering just how versatile the square neckline is with minor adjustments; placed above the midriff with a spaghetti strap halter tie and an open back, the look is decidedly daring. Whilst a high neckline accompanied by a high back announces conservative sophistication.

Take a hint from Kate; spend less time worrying about what to wear by choosing classic cuts, and spend more time hitting the town. We can’t promise you’ll land a date with Johnny Depp, but we can promise you’ll look good.

Kamila Dmowska Soho Dress

The Kamila Dmowska “Soho Dress,” $229—a classic square neckline in the front, and an alluring open back.

As for slip dresses, this is one of the few items of apparel which almost never goes out of style. Appropriate for both cocktail parties and date night, the slip dress has a way of commanding attention without having to try very hard at all—is it any wonder that this cut is one of the most popular choices for a ‘little black dress?’


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