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Name: Julia Sun

Dossier: Marketing at Eyegroove, a music startup. Resides in San Francisco. Twitter + Instagram: @juliasun SoundCloud:

Everyday essential item…

My Phillip Lim work bag [Macbook Air + iPhone] + headphones.

Fashion is…

Expression. Your state of mind. Facets of your personality. People are multi-dimensional and I believe your personal fashion can and should reflect all those prismatic surfaces.

Three things I love about my city…

The People: San Francisco attracts and has a concentration of people on similar wavelengths – lots of good apples. The Energy: The energy in SF is full of imagination and people are committed to bringing ideas to life. The Culture: San Francisco’s art + culture scene isn’t quite comparable to NYC or LA but it’s definitely on a positive trajectory. The new SFMoMa is currently under construction and it will be magnificent. It will certainly but SF on the map in the art world.

What’s in my bag…

An “on-the-go” pouch, a cosmetics bag for touch-ups, and a slim notebook. I’m often out all day so these items help me transition from work, to an event, to a dinner, and then sometimes a concert.

My style icons…

Daphne Guinness. I discovered Daphne Guinness years ago around the time she purchased Isabella Blow’s entire wardrobe, which included many pieces by Alexander McQueen. Blow was an English magazine editor and one of Alexander McQueen’s earliest and most prominent patrons. I would liken Daphne Guinness to a gothic Joan of Arc meets an avant garde Cruella Deville with a coat of glistening supernova.

Favorite designer…

Alexander McQueen: A true visionary whose creations meandered between fashion and art. The way he married impeccable tailoring, rich imagination, historical eras, and emotions are second to none. McQueen committed suicide in 2010 and the following year The Met honored him with a posthumous exhibit, “Savage Beauty”, that is still one of the most beautiful exhibits I’ve experienced to date. When you see his pieces up close you begin to really understand the love and labor of his genius.

Favorite cocktail…

Casual: whiskey on the rocks. Special Occasions: Kir Royale, a cocktail comprised of creme de cassis and a dry champagne or white wine. 

Best beauty advised I’ve received…

Remove your make-up every night before bed and take the few minutes to apply eye cream, retinol, and night cream. Never forget your décolleté and hands. I also wear sunscreen on my face daily. And something else that is vital but often overlooked is that beauty is not just external, you also have to make sure you’re happy, healthy, and at equilibrium. 



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