It girl

it Girl

Name: Lona Alia Duncan

Dossier: Albanian, American, Founder of Style Lend. Wonderer of the world and appreciator of it’s fashion, lives in NYC.


Everyday essential item…

My Fendi bag.

Ny or LA…

For sure NY

Three things I love about my city…

Energy, drive of the people and fashion.

What’s in my bag…

YSL lipstick, MacBook Air, iPhone, cards, gum, shoes depending if I’m wearing heels, wallet.

Stilettos or flats…

Flats, although I love stilettos.


Favorite Designer…

Hard to pick one.

Five things I pack when travel…

Depends where I am going. I always go carry on only so I pack light. One pair of flats, one pair of heels, Chanel medium flap bag, swimsuit, make up/beauty bag.

My perfect dress…

Form fitting. Something that embraces my femininity.

Best beauty advice I’ve received…


Tea party, or late night event…

Late night event. I like to have fun.


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